10 Best white acoustic foam panels For studio And Home 2022

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10 Best white acoustic foam panels For studio And Home 2022

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Are you in search of a higher sound in your studio or residence theatre? Does your area endure from echo, reverberations, and usually poor sound high quality? In that case, investing in acoustic foam panels will be a part of the answer.

In this article, we’ll be introducing you to the perfect acoustic panels for absorbing sound in any room of any measurement. With sufficient studio foam, positioned in simply the suitable positions, you may get pleasure from drastically improved sound high quality throughout your recording or listening classes.

5 Finest white acoustic foam panels

Model:1. Auralex Acoustics Studiofoam Wedges2. Pro Studio Acoustics Tiles3. Audimute AcoustiColor Tile4. Foamily Pyramid Acoustic Foam5. Mybecca Studio Foam Wedges
Materials:Acoustic FoamAcoustic FoamCotton/CelluloseAcoustic FoamAcoustic Foam
Dimension:12″ x 12″12″ x 12″Up to 36″ x 36″12″ x 12″12″ x 12″
Check Value at:amazonamazonamazonamazonamazon

The Fact about white acoustic foam panels and “Soundproof Foam”

The primary and most vital factor that you must know is that acoustic foam panels aren’t the identical factor as soundproofing foam. Sure, they’re each used for controlling sound, however, their major features differ.

They are for acoustical therapies – Acoustics therapies like foam enhance the sound high quality in a room by lowering echo, reverberation, muffling, and absorbing sound.

They’re not for soundproofing – Soundproofing is the method of utilizing particular constructing materials to assist block sound from getting into or exiting an area. That’s, you cut back the sound individuals exterior a room can hear (like a music room), or cut back sound from the exterior a room from coming in (like street noise).

The phrase “white acoustic foam panels” is a misnomer. Acoustic foam panels function as sound-deadening foam that received’t block noise from the exterior. As a substitute, what they do is decrease echoes or sound reverberations inside a room.

For instance, if acoustic panels are put in in a recording studio, they enhance the sound high quality of recordings by absorbing residual noise, guaranteeing that solely the meant audio is picked up by the microphone.

How effectively soundproofing works at eliminating noise is determined by the standard of the fabric and the way effectively it’s put in. Nonetheless, sound-deadening acoustic panels made of froth won’t make a room soundproof.

Soundproofing materials are inflexible and dense, which is why sound can’t journey by them. As a substitute, sound bounces properly off them. Then again, acoustic therapies are sometimes constituted of much less dense materials, reminiscent of acoustic foam. This material is mushy and squishy, which is what allows it to soak up sound reverberations.

A greater method to perceive that is to consider sound like water. If you happen to throw a bucket of water at a wall lined with inflexible and dense soundproofing materials, like sound, the water will merely bounce off and splash again at you.

If you happen to throw that very same bucket of water at a wall lined with sound dampening panels, reminiscent of an acoustic panel, the water – like sound waves – will likely be absorbed by the cushioned materials of the panels.

If you happen to set up acoustic panels for soundproofing functions or set up soundproofing and anticipate the outcomes of sound-dampening panels, you’re going to be dissatisfied.

Merely put, acoustic panels containing “soundproofing” foam are used for absorbing sound. This improves the sound of high quality inside a room by lowering echo and reverberations. In contrast to dense and inflexible soundproofing materials, it won’t block sound from getting into or exiting a room.

Necessary Advantages of Acoustic Panels

Now that we’re clear on what acoustic panels are, let’s check out a number of the methods you may profit from putting in them in a room.

  • Scale back Noise Air pollution – Sound dampening panels could not have the ability to fully cease noise air pollution from getting right into a room from exterior, however they may muffle it. Extra importantly, they dampen noise air pollution generated inside a room by absorbing extra or residual noise. It’s an effective way to be sure you don’t get a migraine if you happen to dwell in a loud residence.
  • Enhance Sound High quality – If you wish to get pleasure from improved sound high quality in your recording studio, residence theater, or different sound vital rooms, acoustic panels will cut back echoes by absorbing any reverberations. With residual noise minimized, you may get pleasure from undistorted sound that’s clearer and cleaner.
  • Improve Work Setting – Much less noise and higher sound high quality normally result in much less stress, which has the additional advantage of bettering focus. With the ability to focus and stay relaxed in a piece setting is essential to the happiness of staff in all types of jobs.

Undecided the place to put in acoustic panels and luxuriate in their advantages? You’ll be able to set up them in any room the place you’d wish to preserve extra noise to a minimum. They work even higher in sound-critical rooms the place sound high quality is vital.

  • Condos & Flats – Putting in acoustic panels in shared residences makes them extra hospitable due to the noise-dampening impact of the sound-deadening foam.
  • Dwelling Theaters – With acoustic panels strategically put in in your house theater, you may get pleasure from your sound system to the max. The sound panels will soak up many of the residual noise, leaving you with nothing however crisp audio.
  • Music Rooms & Recording Studios – To keep away from recording echoes that’ll spoil the standard of a sound recording, we strongly suggest acoustic panels for music rooms and recording studios.
  • Libraries, Auditoriums, Church buildings – In libraries, the acoustic foam will soak up noises that will bounce across the room. In church buildings and auditoriums, acoustic foam boosts the supply of sound by dampening background noise and permitting sound waves to journey in just one course.
  • Resorts – The sound-dampening high quality of the panels could make lodge rooms and lobbies really feel extra peaceable, enjoyable, and welcoming.

How We Rated Acoustic Foam Panels

10 Best white acoustic foam panels For studio And Home 2022

To find out the perfect acoustic panel to fulfil your distinctive wants, you must know what qualities to look out for. Beneath are a number of the standards we use in figuring out the simplest acoustic panels.

  • Acoustic Efficiency (NRC) – NRC (or Noise Discount Coefficient) per ASTM C423, also referred to as Sound Absorption Coefficient (SAC). This score signifies how efficient a fabric is at absorbing or reflecting sound. A score of 0.00 means a fabric is completely reflective, whereas a score of 1.00 means completely absorptive. The most effective acoustic panel merchandise have an NRC score that’s between 0.70 and 1. The score is given based mostly on the share of frequencies they will muffle. Many of the prime sound panels that made our record of greatest acoustic panels have an NRC score of 0.80 and above.
  • Bodily Traits – Dimension, thickness, density are all vital when choosing acoustic panels. The thicker the sound-deadening foam, the higher. Most top-quality panels are no less than 2 inches thick. The scale and density of the fabric are additionally vital as they have an effect on how straightforward it’ll be to put in the panels, particularly if you happen to intend on putting in them in a decent nook that requires bending the fabric.
  • Look – The most typical colours for acoustic foam are grey and black, however relying on the model, you could find these merchandise in a wide range of colours and patterns. Whereas choosing acoustic panels which might be really efficient at sound dampening is vital, it’s additionally vital to choose panels whose coloration greatest enhances the aesthetics of a room, particularly if it’s a industrial institution the place you must make an excellent impression on purchasers.
  • Worth – Acoustic panels can be found at a wide range of costs. The value is usually affected by the standard, measurement of the panel, variety of panels in a pack, and different components. Go for an possibility that provides the perfect worth with out compromising on options and high quality. Keep in mind to have a look at thickness, not simply the dimensions of panels when evaluating the price of merchandise.

10 Greatest Acoustic Foam Panels for House & Studio

WHITE Acoustic Foam Panels

1. Sound Absorption-Diffuse Acoustic

  • Item Weight: 8.08 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 19.7 x 19.7 x 2.1 inches
  • Colour Name: White

These sound panels have an NRC score of .75 to .80. They ship nice efficiency on the subject of eliminating sounding reverberation. They’re additionally an awesome worth due to the reasonably priced worth and the variety of panels you get in a pack.

Every pack comprises 4 2-inch-thick, 19.7 x 19.7 x 2.1 panels that may be put in on a wide range of surfaces. The 4-pack is enough to cowl 12 sq. ft of floor area. There’s additionally an 18-pack possibility.

The small measurement of the panels makes them a flexible possibility for set up as they will match on any floor. The panels are additionally fire-resistant.

2. Pro Studio Acoustics Foam Panels

  • Item Weight: 4 pounds
  • Package Dimensions: 12.05 x 11.97 x 4.29 inches
  • Colour Name: White

Like Auralex Wedges, this sound panel is 2 inches thick with 12-by-12-inch dimensions. In contrast to Auralex, you aren’t restricted to only grey panels, as you may get Professional Studio Foam Panels in blue or charcoal.

The NRC score of this product is a bit low at 0.65, which suggests it’s not as sound-absorbent as Auralex Wedges. Nonetheless, it’s an awesome worth that delivers 12 acoustic tiles in every pack – six blue and 6 charcoal, which will be put in in an alternating sample or another sample you like.

Every pack is sufficient to cowl 12 sq. ft. The product is verified fire-retardant to make sure the protection of your room. It comes extremely beneficial for set-up in management rooms, recording studios, residence leisure theatres, residence studios, and different sound-critical environments.

3. Auralex SonoFlat Absorption Foam

  • Item Weight: 2.33 pounds
  • Package Dimensions: 13.19 x 13.19 x 2.52 inches

Right here’s one other best choice from Auralex, however, in contrast to the Studiofoam Wedges, SonoFlat is 1 inch thick. Don’t let the underwhelming thickness idiot you, although. This high-grade acoustic foam has an NRC score of 0.95, which is way forward to Studiofoam’s 0.75 rankings.

Every pack comprises 14 13.19 x 13.19 x 2.52 inches panels, and you may get them in any of three colours – charcoal, olive inexperienced, and burgundy. SonoFlat panels are an awesome alternative for his or her aesthetics and sound dampening effectivity.

4. Auralex Roominator Acoustic Foam Package

  • Item Weight: 8 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 25 x 25 x 10 inches
  • Colour Name: Charcoal/Burgundy

The Roominator is for these of you who like to purchase in bulk. The equipment comprises 36 panels which might be 2 inches thick and 12-by-12 inches on the sides. You get the right amount to cowl 36 sq. ft of studio or room area.

Every pack has two colours of panels. You’ll be able to go for the pack that provides 18 charcoal and 18 burgundy panels or 18 charcoal and 18 purple panels. The equipment additionally comprises its personal EZ-Stick Professional Mounting Tabs, which you should use to put in your panels on the ceiling or partitions.

5. Audimute AcoustiColor Acoustic Tiles

If aesthetics are simply as vital to you as sound high quality, we suggest the very fairly AcoustiColor Acoustic Panels. You will get these acoustic tiles in a wide range of colours and patterns that may both mix in with the décor of a room or stand out.

Every panel is 1.5 inches thick however nonetheless capable of successfully decreasing echo and reverberation in a room. You will get them in a wide range of sizes, starting from 1-by-1 inch to 3-by-3 inches. To make sure you get acoustic panels that greatest meet your wants, there’s additionally the choice of getting customized shapes, photographs, sizes, ending, and framing to your order.

No matter your order’s form, measurement, or look, Audimute ensures a formidable NRC score of 0.95. Audimute Acoustic Tiles are top-quality, fire-resistant, and easily look wonderful, making them our best choice for industrial functions the place impressing prospects issues.

6. Foamily Pyramid Acoustic Foam

  • Colour Name: Silver Grey
  • Size: 12 Pack
  • Item Weight: 3.03 pounds
  • Package Dimensions: 12.52 x 12.09 x 4.61 inches

In case your major aim is affordability, Foamily Pyramid Acoustic Foam is a possibility you need to severely contemplate. With simply $20, you may get a pack of six panels. Everyone is 2 inches thick and is 12-by-12 inches on the edges.

The power to purchase these in a wide range of colours and patterns for wall or ceiling set up can be an enormous attraction. They work greatest in small rooms.

7. Foamily Wedge Acoustic Foam

The Foamily vary of acoustic panels is understood for his or her affordability and user-friendliness. It’s why they’re so common amongst DIYers. Wedge acoustic foams from this model are 2 inches thick and 12-by-12 inches in measurement. Every pack comprises six panels, which is sufficient to cowl 6 sq. ft of wall, flooring, or ceiling.

8. Foamily Egg Crate Acoustic Foam

The egg crate design of this sound panel will increase its sound absorption effectivity. The truth that it’s 2.5 inches thick additionally contributes to its effectiveness. You will get a six-pack in purple, charcoal, burgundy, and ice blue.

9. Mybecca Beveled Acoustic Tiles

  • Item Weight: 1.25 pounds
  • Package Dimensions: 12 x 12 x 11.5 inches
  • Colour Name: Bevel
  • Size: 1-INCH

These tiles are 1 inch thick, however, they have an NFC score of 0.80 to 0.90. Every pack comprises 12 12-by-12-inch tiles however solely in charcoal. These wedges are just one inch thick, however, they’re positively a potent sound absorber. Every pack comprises six panels that break into 12 wedges. Sadly, you may solely get this acoustic dampening product in charcoal. On the upside, the fabric is fire-retardant.

10. Mybecca Egg Crate Foam

This foam is 1.5 inches thick and has an NFC score of 0.80 to 0.90. There are 12 tiles in every pack. Every tile will be cut up into two egg crates. The uneven floor of the panel is nice for lowering undesirable sound reflections.

Getting the Most Out of Your Acoustic Panels

How and the place you put in acoustic panels go a great distance in figuring out how efficient they’ll be. The preferred spots in a room to put in acoustic panels are the partitions and ceiling. For set up, you should use any of the next strategies.

  • Spray on Adhesive3M Super 77 or Auralex FoamTak are robust adhesives that’ll preserve an acoustic panel in place for years. The one draw back to utilizing these adhesives is that they work so effectively that they trigger injury to the wall or ceiling if you happen to uninstall the panel.
  • Command Strips: Right here’s one other efficient possibility that retains your acoustic panels firmly caught to the specified floor. In contrast to spray adhesives, although, they are often simply eliminated. The one draw back, in comparison with spray adhesives, is that they require extra steps throughout set up (see the video beneath).
  • Hanger Hooks: Some panels include hooks to hold on the wall. If an acoustic panel doesn’t include hooks, you should purchase them individually.
  • Push Pins: Pins solely work if the acoustic foam is skinny and lightweight sufficient for the pushpin to go during and into the floor behind it. The principle draw back with this methodology is the pinholes left in your drywall after elimination.

In case you are in search of an acoustic panel set-up methodology that protects your wall from injury, reminiscent of that attributable to push pins and adhesives, think about using 3M Command strips. No matter how long they’ve been put in, 3M Command strips will be peeled off with ease and go away hardly any residue or behind.

Alternatively, connect your acoustic panels to a single thick cardboard or plywood board with the assistance of adhesives. The board with the panels can then be leaned or held on the specified wall. By not attaching the sound panels to the wall, you remove the danger of property injury.

Acoustic Foam Options

If for no matter purpose you aren’t a fan of acoustic foam, maybe due to its price or look, listed here are some alternate options to think about.

Acoustic Diffusors

Diffusers are fairly just like acoustic foam tiles. Like acoustic foam, diffusers enhance the sound high quality in a room by eliminating residual sound or echoes. In contrast to foam, which absorbs sound, well-designed acoustic diffusers redirect sound.

A diffuser reduces sound reflections and echoes by scattering sound waves in lots of instructions, thus diluting residual noise.

Bass Traps

A bass entice is a sort of acoustic dampener that absorbs sounds of a selected wavelength. In contrast to acoustic foam, which absorbs sounds that might be of a mid/high-range frequency, nook bass traps solely soak up low-frequency sound waves. Because of this nook bass traps are sometimes put in with, somewhat than as a substitute of, acoustic panels.

Mass Loaded Vinyl

Mass loaded vinyl (MLV), is a non-toxic soundproofing product. Its dense materials are efficient at blocking sound vibrations from passing by a construction. In contrast to acoustic foam tiles, which soak up sound, MLV blocks and displays sound, making it better-suited for soundproofing a room.

The DIY Route – Constructing Your Personal Sound Absorbing Panels

If you happen to don’t just like the look of the wedge fashion acoustic foam, you may simply make your designer acoustic panels utilizing materials simply discovered at residence enchancment shops. The method goes like this:

  • Choose a sound-absorbing core materials. The core will be dense fiberglass or mineral wool.
  • Assemble a wooden body round your core panel.
  • Choose a sound-transparent cloth to wrap across the wood body. The material will be any coloration or sample that matches into the aesthetic of the room.
  • Mount the panels to your wall or ceiling with adhesives, a hook, push pin, or different materials that most closely fits you. You would additionally merely lean it in opposition to your required wall.

That’s all there’s to it!


Upgrading your house studio, music room, or theatre is a sound determination, figuratively and fairly actually. By investing in the perfect acoustic foam (soundproofing foam if you’ll), you may dramatically cut back the echo and reverberation, leading to a cleaner, extra-strong sound profile.

We extremely suggest white acoustic foam panels and Pro Studio Acoustics foam panels to your mission. Make sure to additionally learn up on easy methods to place and grasp acoustic foam to get the perfect efficiency out of your materials.

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